Welcome to Bayswater Support Group

We’re a support group for parents whose children make sense of themselves as trans or non binary. We help parents respond sensitively to their child’s search for self-knowledge during the often tumultuous adolescent years. We are wary of medical solutions to gender dysphoria, when exploring gender roles is part of normal child development.

"I think I've learnt more from you this afternoon than I have done in two years on other sites"

Has your child just come out to you as trans? Read our top ten tips for practical, reassuring advice on how to help them.

"So many of us have similar stories. I don't feel like I'm doing this alone anymore"

Articles, research, podcasts & videos to help you understand and respond sensitively to your child’s gender distress.

We offer parents somewhere private to talk, share and be understood. We also educate public bodies about adolescent gender dysphoria. Our members come from all walks of life, including teaching, the NHS, law and the media, and from all regions of the UK.

Adolescence can be challenging for our young: let’s help them explore their personalities and find peace with their changing bodies. The challenges of adolescence can provoke difficult feelings, which deserve careful therapeutic exploration. Prematurely adopting identity labels and medical solutions may crystallise the situation before it’s been fully worked through.

"I'm glad I reached out to you. It seems like there's a gaping hole in the support options available for parents"